Not Enough Time: 3 Ways to Break the Busy Cycle

As a full-time project manager, part-time scholar and foundling small business owner, I understand the busy cycle. It can be difficult to differentiate between what actually needs to be done and what we perceive needs to be done, creating inefficiency. I have found two article from experts that help us break out of our busy cycle to give us back our lives.

The first article “How To Break the Busy Cycle” by Charlene Lillie of Mayo Clinic gives us 4 questions to ask ourselves to help us break the busy cycle. She concludes her article with  3  short exercises to fit in breaks during your day. This includes breathing techniques, napping and getting out into nature. Napping? Sign me up!


In the second article “6 Ways to Break the Cycle of Unnecessary Busyness,” UnCommon Chick explores ways to examine and re-organize our time management. By adjusting our time management skills, we can cut out the unnecessary busyness, allowing more time for the things we need to get done and breaks (or naps, your choice).

Drawing on these two articles and my personal experience, I would recommend taking the 3 following actions to reduce the too busy syndrome:

  • Evaluate Time Management –Cut out unnecessary busyness with the questions from both articles
  • Take Breaks-Even if it’s only 5 or 20 minutes, taking the time you need to rest will make you more efficient.
  • Prioritize – Decide what you really need in your life and what you could really do without.

Beginning today, evaluate how you spend your days, cut out that what weighs you down and give yourself time for joy.



My name is Jennifer Schaller and I am a Reiki Crystal Healer, specializing in healing crystal jewelry. When I’m not staring at the ground looking for pretty stones, you can find me cooking up good eats in the kitchen or beading on etsy. Contact me on Twitter @quinnscrystals with any questions about Reiki, Mindfulness and Crystal Healing.


Note: I am not a doctor nor am I giving medical advice. Alternative practices discussed here are a compliment to, not replacement of medical care. Discuss any concerns you have with your doctor to determine the best treatment plan for you.